French Provisional Government of Algeria
Flag of France Armoiries république française
Flag Coat of Arms
Algeria Provisional Government
Location of French Provisional Government of Algeria

Liberté, égalité, fraternité (French)
("Liberty, Equality, Fraternity")

(and largest city)
Language French
Government Military Government
President of France François Mitterrand (1st, Post-War President of France)
Governing General Charles Fauchex (1st)

The French Government of Algeria is the name of the military government installed in Algeria after it was Retaken by France in 1982. Currently, the country houses about 25% of the French Population with the rest being native Algerians, Military Officials, and Political Advisors from Other Country. The City of Algers served as a refugee camp for French Citizens from 1985-1991 and a colony from 1991-2015, before the Military Government was forced to relinquish some of its power to allow for a Province to be formed.


Refugee Camps Algeria became the home of survivor camps. In 1983, the Country had been reduced to about 15 Million People as 5 Million had been killed from Radioactive Fallout. Many fled the country for Mali, and Ironically, France, seeking refuge and shelter from War. France invaded the country, which surrendered nearly a month later. An exodus of Algerians Fled for Egypt and Mali, as the number of people coming in from France, was growing.

5 Million Algerians remained as they were forced to be incorporated into French Society. Dealing with the Harsh realities, France was forced to make concessions. Algeria would be granted equal representation in the French Parliament, and its citizens were guaranteed the right to free religion, free speech, free press, and self-determination. 

Algerian Autonomy

For the Algerians, Autonomy was granted on March 28, 1991. The French Provinces were formed from the Westeren Half of the Country, while the Rest, was granted Autonomy. Algiers, would remain under military authority until 2015, when the city was granted Political Autonomy for Algeria and France

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