War of the French Succession
French-Spanish War
French forces battling Spanish forces
Map of Europe 1453-1458
Western Europe before and after the war
Date 1453–1458
Location France
Result Burgundian victory, France collapses
Flag of Espana Empire of Spain Pavillon royal de la France Kingdom of France Flag of Nk's Netherlands 1 Kingdom of Burgundy
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Espana Sancho IV
Flag of Espana Queen Blanche
Pavillon royal de la France Sophie of France Flag of Nk's Netherlands 1 Frederick I

 The War of the French Succession, more commonly known as the French-Spanish War was a military conflict waged by the Empire of Spain against the Kingdom of France, while Burgundy was a third party in the war. Sancho IV, the Emperor of Spain had been married to Blanche, the daughter of King Philppe III of France and after her elder brothers were killed in a battle with the Burgundians, she became the nominal heiress to the Kingdom of France. The nobles of France, along with the King, refused to accept the likely incorporation of France into Spain and instead declared Sophie, the youngest daughter of the King, his successor. After the King's death, the Spanish declared war on Spain and invaded the country to claim the throne. In the end, it was Burgundy however, which emerged as the victor of the war, capturing Paris from the Queen, and soon after the country collapsed under strong pressure, ending the Kingdom of France.

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