Classification: Politically and Media active (WIO)

Freisetzung! is a German WIO thats goal is to promote freedom of media and choice throughout the world.

Their investments include a number of regional communication groups as well as in the World Information Network, the World Media Advisory and the World Television Group.

Parliamentary votes: 17

World tax votes: 11

Paramilitary forces: 200 security guards armed with light weapons.

Buildings: Onr Headquarters office in Germany, 25 other offices worldwide.

Leader: Heinrich Himmel

Political Affiliation: nationale Partei für die Freiheit der Medien (National Party for Media Freedom ), part of Koalition für freie Dialog (Coalition for free dialog) with Piraten Partei (Pirate Party ) and Freie Deutsche Partei (Free German Party)

Status: Active

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WCC member: yes

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