Freiheit USA explores the possibility of life in the colonies being dominated by German rather than British culture, eventually leading to a German-speaking nation more cooperative with mainland Europe and isolated from Britain, meaning the 'special relationship' between the two countries ceases to exist, and different policies and outlooks on foreign and economic policy are developed in the USA that lead to a very different present.

Points of Divergence

More heavy German, Austrian and Swiss immigration to the 13 colonies meant that society quickly became bilingual to the tune of English and German. Eventually the Germanic identity became one of many driving forces behind the declaration of independence from the British Empire, and a bilingual nation was formed. However, industrial growth in German majority cities such as New York and Philadelphia caused German to become dominant to the point where the German-English balance in the USA today is similar to OTL English-Spanish balance.


Today in Freiheit USA

The current President of the United States is Guido Strohkirch of the Heritage Party, serving alongside Vice President Gerda Kulkarni. The nation's Chief Justice is Hans Tinmouth and the Speaker of the House is Progressive Katja Fischer.

The Progressive Party has a majority in the Senate and the House. The main opposition in the Senate is the Heritage Party, and the main opposition in the House are the Christian Democrats.


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