After the success of the July 20th Operation Valkyrie plan to kill the German dictator Adolf Hitler, the group dismantled Hitler's Reich and formed the new Free Republic of the German Reich. General Ludwig Beck assumed the office of President of the Republic and Dr Goerdeler as Chancellor of The Republic.

Flag of the German Empire

The Flag of the Free Republic


On July 22nd any remaining member of The Nazi Party was shot in the courtyard of Bendlerblock in Berlin. The government did not and still has not released the territory's that Hitlers Reich held. On July 30th a peace was reached with the Western Allies. However, the Soviets demanded that all Nazis be exported to the Soviet Union for time in the gulag. Jospeh Goebbels was deported to the Soviet Union and he was missing until 1950 when his body was found on the border with Poland.

Under the new government elections are held every four years and are considered fair and free. The largest and most supported political party is "German Reich's Resistant Party". This is the party that has dominated since the coup as many Germans (especially the ones who were persecuted under the Third Reich) fell in debt to Claus von Stauffenburg and his troop who saved them from the party. The current Chancellor is Angela Merkel of the German Reich's Resistant Party and the office of President is filled by Horst Kohler also of the same party.


After the end of National Socialism the Economy under the command of the new government was changed greatly with privatisation forced. The currency Reichmark was changed in 1946 to the National German Dollar. Hyper Inflation was only just everted when all stores were ordered to take Nazi issue currency and replace them with new Reichmark's.


The Republic's technology is on par with many first world nations. Germany has become one of the biggest computer producers in the world. With the new company Next Generation Technology they are the biggest company in Germany closely followed by Mercedes-Benz.

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