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Timeline: 1983: Doomsday
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Language English, Spanish
Boss unknown
Area ~1000 km²
Population unknown 
Currency none official, barter economy
The Freebooters is the unofficial name given to a biker gang living in southern California, established sometime after Doomsday.


Little is known about where they came from or when, but travelers and survivors say that they were started by a man named John Atcherson. They are known for harassing villages and farms, running a protection racket, and pillaging when "customers" don't pay up. As of 1994, it is known that they operate out of Cactus City, with outposts in Desert Center, Salton City, and Eagle Mountain.

Conflicts with Slab City

In its early days, the gang often harassed Slab City residents. Their attacks were largely unsuccessful, and were mainly intimidation runs to keep the Slab militia out of Freebooter turf.


For a gang of bloodthirsty raiders and bandits, they are surprisingly well organized. Their leader calls himself "Big Boss", but as they are not one cohesive structure, but rather a patchwork of different "gangs", there are also minor leaders, each with the title "El Tee's" (slang for lieutenants).

There are a number of farms in their region which barely can sustain crops to feed the farmers themselves. The raiders impose a "protection tax" in food to feed their members, making life horrible for those farmers who do not go along.

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