Free Territories of Luchu
Timeline: Fatherlands
Luchu flag Fatherlands Luchu coat of arms Fatherlands
Flag Coat of Arms
800px-Map of Ryukyu Kingdom

Free land for the man ()

Anthem: Hail of Freedom
Capital: Shuri
Luchuan, Japanese, Chinese
  Other languages: English
Ethnic group: Ryukyuan
Type of government: Semi-presidential republics
  government: Mandate under China,Japan controls
President: Hirokazu Nakaima
Prime minister: Hashi Shoken
Area: 2,271 km²
Population: 1,379,338 
Established: 1972
HDI: 0.893
Currency: Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen
Internet TLD: .lc
Calling code: 901
Organizations: United Nations

Free Territories of Luchu is a mandate under controls by China and Japan. After 1972, the US retreated from Okinawa, follow the San Francisco Treaty signed in 1952, Luchu will independent from Luchu. The mandate is establish at 23 February, 1952, the next day after the retreat of US. Luchu becomes a mandate and controls by China and Japan. After 1 March, 1952, Luchu and "琉球" to be the official name of Okinwana.

The military of Luchu is under the defense from China and Japan (de facto, no troops here after 1980). China has 2,000 troops in Luchu and help to defense of Luchu.

Luchu has its passport for their national.

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