The Free State of Texas was a nation the existed between 1860-1862. It declared its independence after the Austin-Washington Letters were revealed to the public. The Pro-Slavery forces in Texas were outraged at the fact that abolitionists had been plotting with another nation to end slavery. They decided on only one choice: they had to secede from the Republic of Texas, and form their own nation that would protect slavery. However, the Republic of Texas was quick to decide that this "revolt" needed to be put down ,and that slavery was now an act of treason. War was declared on the F.S.T a month after the nation was made, and the young nation was at war.

Pre-Civil War

In the one month before war, a government was quickly formed, holding power until elections could be held, but they never could. President (insert name here) quickly organized the nation, and began raising funds to build up its military. A large militia was raised until a professional one could be made. However, war was soon declared on F.S.T by the Republic of Texas.

Civil War

The first battle of the war was fought on FST lands. The Battle of Reno was an attack on F.S.T-held Reno by the Republic of Texas. The Republic won, and many militias in F.S.T held California prepared for any potential attacks. Small skirmishes and battles were held around Reno, but the Republic did not get farther than that, as they were still raising a larger army. The next year, the Republic invaded, and took the rest of California in three months. It was a major loss for the F.S.T, because a large amount of potential soldiers lived there. Most of the Militia there died, with 19,000 of the 20,000 FST troops there dead. They managed to kill half of the 50,000 strong Republic armies. While this was happening, the F.S.T got a 30,000 strong army ready and invaded El Paso. They took the town, with 15,000 dead, but managed to kill 12,000 Government Soldiers. Soon, devastating news reached the Capital, San Antonio: Large amounts of gold were found in California, and large amounts of Europeans were moving to the Republic to join the army in exchange for land. The next year, over 300,000 soldiers were assembled by the Republic, and they had two armies of 150,000 each made from these recruits. One army took Abilene, while the other took the Capital, San Antonio. They soon moved on and took Del Rio. Over 70,000 Government troops died, and over 95,000 rebels died. Soon negotiations began, and four months later the Treaty of Little Rock was signed, effectively ending the F.S.T.

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