Hong Kong
Free State of Hong Kong
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Hong Kong
Language Chinese, English
Religion Christian
Government Constitutional republic
Head of State Governor-General
Head of Government Prime Minister
Area 1m104 km²
Population 6.9 million 
Established 1984 (independence from United Kingdom)
Currency Hong Kong dollar
Organizations SCO


Hong Kong was originally part of British rule. In 1984, the British Government gave Hong Kong independence. Since 1998, Rita Fan has been prime minister of the country. Before, it was Andrew Wong.


The Hong Kong Governor-General is chosen by the British Head of State. The Hong Kong Prime Minister, the head of government, currently Rita Fan, is elected by the Hong Kong Parliament.

The Hong Kong Parliament is unicameral, consisting of 60 members, which are elected for a set term (4-years, but 2-years if the first term), by proportional representation.

The Hong Kong Supreme Court consists of 17 members chosen by the Hong Kong Governor-General, approved by the Hong Kong Parliament.

Heads of State

# Governor-General Took office Left office King/Queen Prime Minister
1 Tung Chee-Hwa 1984 2005 Elizabeth II Andrew Wong Wang Fat, Rita Fan
2 Donald Tsang Yam-Kuen 2005 Incumbent Elizabeth II Rita Fan Hsu Lai-Tai

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