Free Slovak Commonwealth (slovak: Slobodné slovenské spoločenstvo)  is sovereign state at Cronian (Saturn) moons Enceladus and Titan. Commonwealth have not official capital. Only settlement with chartered statute is Svoradov in Enceladus. Commonwealth claims all surface of Titan (83,305,418.53 sq km) and Enceladus (798,648.27 sq km) amounting  more than 84 million sq km, forming largest human country by means of surface area. Both space bodies are sparsely populated, totaling 308,200 people. Commonwealth is not member of any international organization, country is signatory of very limited international treaties, maintaining sort of diplomatic relations only with Liechtenstein, and UN organized COPUOS.


Very Beginning of Settlement

As history of modern time colony based on first settlement in inhabited space body, history of FSC is known from its very beginning defined by landing of the Archa at Enceladus. First and basic movements of settlers from 1945 July to September, were only basic geological survey on the icy surface, establishment of ice melting and water production installations, drilling of central tunnel from surface of south polar sulci to the interior of body. 

Establishment of settlement in underground was planned as one of alternative settlement solution by Command of Archa, led by Juloslav Junek as chief executive of company LET (and concurrently ETOS corporation). Task force for settlement planning has been led by construction engineer nadzbrojník Stanislav E. Jančárik, complemented by task force for water sources and food (forestry engineer zbrojník Jozef Michal Kolmajer) and Task force for medical care and family (medical doctor Ján Gunčaga).

Establishment of FSC

Constitutional Treaty adopted by votes of settlers, was prepared as agreement between ETOS and Catholic church which has to be established church of Commonwealth despite its own very under organized situation in the settlement. Votes in "general voting" was not equal, each member of commonwealth having at minimum one vote, but also plus votes for each share in ETOS. To 2311 people over fifteen, there were 18,744 votes. In fact. Constitutional Treaty was adopted by majority of 17,119 votes against 1625 votes, including abstentions). From votes against only 220 votes against treaty were from among stakeholders with up to two votes/voter. 

Treaty was adopted at September 15th 1945 and notified to the Earth, re-transmission was confirmed only by next days and only from two countries on the Earth, Switzerland and Sweden, and some individual persons and very slow signals from radio broadcast from Earth in next months confirmed to the FSC officials that on the Earth there is silence about establishment of the FSC.

Striving and development (1945-1957)

First years of living at Enceladus was unending fighting to arousing problems. First of all, scarcity of materials in icy crust for any use in construction industry. Only full fledgling development of extraction of minerals from subglacial sea (Southpolar sea, in Slovak "Juhopolárne more") and development of huge co-polymers industry and energy sector based on geothermal energy, and circumpolar water flow in 1947-1948 led to better living condition. Almost all food in Svoradov at that times was from sea plants and little sea organism from samples, seeds and seedlings which were on board of Archa. More than half of Archa was built in to Svoradov, in fact core of settlement was constructed from spacecraft, while first habitat fully constructed from Enceladian materials was constructed at edge of habitation zone of subglacial settlement Svoradov in the year 1947. 

In 1949 first mining settlement for extraction of liquid methane at Titan was constructed, for all transport between Titan and Enceladus mainly methane rockets were used, first with spacecraft built from modules of Archa. 

In the august 1950 first settlement on the Titan was destructed by explosion caused by contact of external and internal atmosphere, with more than 30 deaths.  From 1945 to 1957 such incidents and also poor food condition and psychosomatic diseases caused death to more than 140 people, which means five per cent of the initial population. 

Open Space not so Open (1957-1979)

Splendid Isolation (1979-2013)


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