Free Republic of Kansas
Timeline: Timeline 1867 (Kansas)

OTL equivalent: State of Kansas (USA)
Flag of kansas No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Topeka
Largest city Wichita
  others Some Spanish speakers, German
President G. Hartshorn Hodges
Vice-President no current Vice-President
Independence September1867

Recognized by USA in the Treaty of Saint John, January 1869

Currency Kansas dollar (divided into 100 cents)

The Free Republic of Kansas was founded in 1867 due to American aggression and retraction of statehood. Samuel J. Crawford was appointed President. He chose former Chief Justice of Kansas (US senator *here*) Robert Crozier as his Vice-President. Kansas often allies itself with the Western Federation and has considered joining the federation on occasions.

Political Parties

Kansas National Party (Republican)

  • Conservative, pro-Western Federation
  • Most popular party; comparable to the Republican Party in "Our Time"

Kansas Popular Party (Democrat)

  • Liberal, pro-Canada, Britain

Union League

  • Liberal, pro-US
  • Considers reunion with United States beneficial for business interests.


See list of Presidents.


Officially known as 'His Excellency's Honourable Cabinet for the Administration of the Free Republic of Kansas. Comprised of a Minister for the Army, a Secretary of State, a Treasurer, an Attorney-General, a Secretary of Agriculture and a Secretary of Commerce.

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