Freie Stadt Danzig
Wolne Miasto Gdańsk

Free City of Danzig
Client state of the German Empire (1933-39)
Flag of Germany (3-2 aspect ratio).svg
1920–1939 Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945).svg
Flag of the Free City of Danzig.svg Wappen Freie Stadt Danzig.svg
Flag of Danzig State Emblem of Danzig
"Nec Temere, Nec Timide" (Latein)
"Neither rashly nor timidly"
Für Danzig
Capital Danzig
Official language German
Religion Lutheran
Government National Socialist single-party, totalitarian dictatorship
 - 1920-1939 Helmer Rosting
Senate President
 - 1920-1930 Heinrich Sahm
 - 1931-1933 Ernst Ziehm
 - 1933-1934 Hermann Rauschning
 - 1934-1939 Arthur Greiser
Legislature Volkstag
Historical era Interwar period Cold War / World War II
 - Established 15 November 1920
 - Anschluß Danzigs 2 September 1939
Currency Danzig gulden

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