Free African League
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|- | Capital || Cairo |- | Largest city || Cairo |- | Last Prime Minister || John Dogor (Liberal Party) |- | Currency || African Pounds |} The Free African League was a confederation formed in 1929 to both promote freedom and democracy in Africa and to defend its members against colonial powers.


After FAL's formation, it remained fairly neutral in the years leading up to the Great War. However, it sided in the Great War against Germany and Austria-Hungary in response to the Ottoman Empire's plea for help. However, it did not succumb to the anti-German bias that was common in the United States and Britain. The common sentiment was that they were going to war to help an ally.

The FAL withdrew from the war early, and was faced with another threat. The United States had taken over three West African countries as "tactical bases", and was beginning to expand its presence in Africa. After the annexation of newly independent Sierra Leone, the FAL started a bloody war to liberate the three colonies. It was aided by the allied republics of Congo, Tanzania, and Zanzibar. The war was a victory for Africa, and the new U.S. President Adlai Stevenson apologized for the violent tactics used by Presidents Dewey and Thurmond.

The FAL dissolved in 1966 after the freedom of the last African colony, Spain's Spanish Morocco. However, the states are still allied and hold a once-a-month talk in Cairo about the issues facing the various countries.

Member States

The original FAL members were Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somaliland, and Kenya. After the establishment of FAL, several other states joined. Here is a chronological list of FAL members and when they joined the confederation.

  • Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somaliland, Kenya: 1929
  • Tunisia: 1930
  • A small portion of German East Africa was liberated during the Great War, but was run by the FAL Army and was quickly taken back under German control.
  • Algeria, French Somaliland: 1942
  • Rwanda, Burundi: 1944
  • Sierra Leone was liberated and actually a participating member of the FAL for a month, but was retaken by the Americans.
  • Sierra Leone, Togo, Eritrea: 1957
  • Malawi: 1958
  • Malawi and Eritrea separated from FAL in 1959.
  • Zimbabwe: 1962

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