1738 : Frederick, Duke of Cornwall and First son of King George the Second flees to the Colonies after his quarrel with his father. The Colonists of South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, Pennslyvania, Delaware and New York swear their loyalty to him and his Family.

1740 : George the Second recognizes the Colonies independence. The Kingdom of America is officialy created.

1760 : George the Second dies. Prince William of Orange becomes King William the Fourth of Great Britain.

1765 : William the Fourth dies with no heir. Prince William the Fourth of Orange becomes King William the Fifth of Great Britain.

1771 : King Frederick the First dies. First American Parliament called to order with Royal Democrats winning Majority. Sir Thomas Jefferson becomes First Prime Minister. Fredericks eldest son Prince George becomes King George the First of America.

1778 : Great Britain sells Indiana, Vandalia and Translyvania to the Kingdom of America.

1780 : Rebellions break out in Nova Scotia, Lower Canada, Upper Canada and Rupertsland Outposts against the British Empire.

1784 : Tecumseh's rebellion begins in American Indiana Territory.

1787 : Tecumseh dies at the Battle of the Maumee.So does King George the First who came to watch. His son Prince George becomes King George the Second at 25.

1789 : Rebel Provinces and other Northern Provinces excluding Oregon Territory gain independence as the United Federal States of North America.

1791 : Republican Revolution begins in France.

1797 : Mexico gains independence from Spain.

1799 : Industrial Revolution begins in America.

1804 : Spain sells Louisiana Territory to the United Federal States of North America.

1806 : William the Fifth of Great Britain and Orange dies. Prince William becomes King William the Sixth of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands and Great Britain.

1809 : Spain gives Cuba independence.

1812 : The Kingdom of America invades Spanish Florida.

1815 : Florida gains independence from Spain.

1825 : Prussia invades Hanover. George the Second declares war on Prussia.

1830 : George the Second dies with no heir. His brother Prince William becomes King William the First of America.

1836 : French Monarchists defeat Republicans. Charles the Tenth takes the Throne.

1837 : William the First dies with no heir. His niece Victoria becomes Queen Victoria of America.

1838 : Walloon Revolution breaks out in the Netherlands. France invades Prussia allied to America and Hanover.

1842 : Wallonia gains independence. Prince Francis the Second of the Two Sicilies is Crowned King Francois the First of Wallonia.

1843 : King William the Fifth dies. Prince William becomes King William the Sixth of Great Britain and Dietsland.

1847 : Prussia ending the Hanoverian War. America and France occupy Western Germany.

1849 : William the Sixth dies. Prince William becomes King William the Seventh of Great Britain and Dietsland.

1850 : Queen Victoria suffers a heart attack while on a Diplomatic trip to Japan. Her husband Prince Albert becomes King Albert of America as the First non-Hanoverian Regent.

1857 : King Albert suffers a Stroke while vacationing in South Africa. Prince Edward becomes King Edward the First of America.

1859 : Abraham Lincoln and his supporters establish the United Republic of the Pacific in Oregon Country.

1860 : Charles the Tenth dies. His son Prince Louis-Antoine becomes King Louis the Sixteenth of France, Protector of the Rhine.

1864 : Edward the First buys Alaska from the Russian Empire out of his own pocket. He renames it the Royal Territory of Vesperia. This is the beginning of friendly Russo-American relations.

1872 : Edward is convinced by Tsar Alexander the Second to Emancipate the Slaves that inhabit the Plantations of American Indiana Territory. A small Rebel Army rises but is Crushed by American General Lord Robert E.Lee, 4th Duke of Richmond.

1881 : Edward ensures military alliance with the Russian Empire four days before Tsar Alexander's assassination.

1889 : Hispaniola gains independence from Spain.

1890 : William the Seventh dies. Princess Wilhemina becomes Queen Wilhemina of Great Britain and Dietsland.

1895 : Alexandra of Denmark, Consort of Edward becomes Queen of Denmark when her brother dies.This America and Denmark as The Empire of America and Denmark. Edward becomes Emperor Edward the First of America.

1900 : Francois the First dies. His wife Princess Marie-Sophie becomes Queen Marie-Sophie of Wallonia and Bavaria.

1904 : Edward the First visits the Empire of Korea with his son Prince George as guests of Emperor Gojong. Prince George is killed when a swell drifts him out to sea while swimming in the South China Sea.

1907 : At the Georgetown Conference, The Korean Empire, The French Empire, The Russian Empire and the Empire of America and Denmark agree to Military, Medical, Internal Security aid.

1908 : Edward declares America and Denmark a Constitutional Monarchy giving the Prime Minister most of the Control.

1910 : Emperor Edward Edward the First dies. His coffin and Funeral Procession passes through over 20 countries. His son Edward is 16 and cannot become full Emperor. His mother Princess Mary serves as Regent.

1914 : Prince Edward is crowned Emperor Edward the Second. Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated. Austria-Hungary invades Serbia, ally of the Russian Empire who in turn invades Austria-Hungary.

1915 : France declares war on Austria-Hungary. Prussia declares war on France and Russia

1916 : America-Denmark declares war on Prussia and Austria-Hungary.

1917 : Prussia surrenders to American and Russian Forces.

1918 : The Easter Rising occurs in major Irish, English, Welsh and Scottish Cities. They are started by the Irish Republican Army, League of St.George, The Knights of Scotland and the Welsh Freedom Army. This sets off the Great British Rising. Austria-Hungary surrenders.

1919 : Prussia surrenders. Treaty of Stockholm creates a United Eastern Germany,(Centred in Berlin), Poland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Bohemia and Moravia, Finland, Croatia, Bosnia and the Union of Albania and Kosovo.

1921 : Edward the Second is assassinated. His Brother Prince George is crowned Emperor George the First. Others in the Kingdom back the child of Edwards affair with Textile Heiress Jane Jorgenson : Alfred Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. This sparks a civil war when the Western Provinces of Indiana, Ohio and Mississippi crown Alfred Emperor Alfred the First.

1923 : England, Scotland and Wales achieve independence as Free States. Ireland(including Ulster) receives Republic Status.

1924 : Alfred surrenders his claim, but George is killed by one of his supporters. As George has no heir the Royal House of Hereditary Standards elects Prince Frederick (a descendant of Queen Alexandra). He becomes Emperor Frederick the First.

1925 : Queen Marie-Sophie of Wallonia and Bavaria dies. Her son Prince Alexander becomes King Alexander of Wallonia and Bavaria.

1927 : English Civil War begins. Wales becomes Republic of Wales. The Scottish Free State is overthrown by The Knights of Scotland.

1929 : Stock Market Crashes.

1930 : English Civil War ends. Republic of England Created.

1933 : The Union of Imperial Americans becomes the Major Party in the American Parliament. The Unionist-Partei Fur Deutsche rises to Power in the Austrian and East German Parliaments. And the De Unionistische Partij Dietsland rises to power in the Netherlands.

1934 : King Alexander dies of Heart Failure at the age of 65 in Franckroi. His son 48 year old Prince Noah becomes King Noah the First of Wallonia and Bavaria.

1936 : Alliance of Unionism is Created between The Empire of America-Denmark, Dietsland and Deutscher Staat.

1938 : Partido Nacional De la Union takes over in Mexico creating the Mayor Estado Mexicano Del Unionista. Deutscher Staat invades Wallonia and Bavaria, The Empire of France and Die Republik Hanover. America-Denmark invades the United Federal States of North America and Dietsland invades Wallonia and Bavaria and the Republic of England.

1940 : Wallonia and Bavaria falls to German-Dutch Forces. Bavaria is added to Deutscher Staat while Wallonia is added to Dietsland. King Noah escapes to Italy.

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