Frederick I
Frederick V of Hamburg, Frederick I of Germany
King of Hamburg, Hanover, Westphalia, Prussia, the Rhineland, Kuba, and New Rugia
Reign 1913
Predecessor Mary I
Holy Roman Emperor, King of the Germans, Protector of the Commonwealth
Reign 1913
Predecessor Mary I
Spouse Sarah of Strelitz
Issue Karl, Prince of Hanover
Full name
Frederick William Charles Ferdinand
House Hamburg
Father Dietrich of Oldenburg
Mother Mary I of Germany
Born 1875
Hamburg city, Hamburg

Frederick I of Germany (born: Frederick William Charles Ferdinand) was the second reigning King of the Germans. He was the son of the first, Emperor Mary.

Born in 1875, Frederick was the third of Mary's and her husbands, Dietrich of Oldenburg, children. As such he was given the title of Prince of Kassel to denote his position as third in line to the thrones of the Commonwealth Kingdoms.

He never expected to rule, and instead his older brother, Charles, was groomed for the role. But as the two aged, Friedrich showed to have a knack for administration. Charles, meanwhile, began to grow frustrated with his preparation.

When Emperor Mary died, Charles recognized his shortcomings, and announced that he will not take the King's Oath (essentially refusing the crown), and the crown was then offered to the second oldest child of Mary, Sophia, Princess of Königsberg. Sophia, however, was disabled due to a carriage accident in her teenage years. And so, it fell to Friedrich to accept the crown, lest his cousins fight for it should he not.

Friedrich took the King's Oath in late 1913, officially becoming Friedrich V of the Seven Commonwealth Kingdoms. A short time later, Friedrich was also elected Holy Roman Emperor, King of the Germans, and Protector of the Commonwealth, all three titles now passed together.

Friedrichs reign saw the beginning of a worldwide economic depression, as a result of the fighting in the Great War. He advised budget cuts and austerity measures to reduce government spending and improve the economy, though it would take years for them to take effect.

He also oversaw, and approved, the nullification of the 1909 Borealian Ultimatum, done so in order to defend the German citizens there from Borealian favoritism to the sparse native Muslims. The border was militarized in expectation for a Borealian assault, but a peaceful settlement was reached prior to outright fighting.

Full Titles

Frederick I, by the Grace of God, King of the Germans, Holy Roman Emperor, Protector of the Commonwealth, King of Hamburg, King of Hanover, King of Prussia, King of Westphalia, King of the Rhineland, King of Kuba, King of New Rugia, Duke of Mecklenburg, Duke of Holstein, Duke of Hesse, Duke of Schleswig, Duke of Vorpommern, Lord of Münster, Bremen, Magdeburg, Lübeck, and Frankfurt, First among Peers, Sovereign of the Order of Friedrich the Great, King of the Saxons, Angles, Wends, and old Prussians, Defender of the Realm and its People


Frederick married his teenage sweetheart, Sarah of Strelitz, in 1901. They have one child:

  • Karl, Prince of Hanover

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