Frederick I of Denmark and Norway
Timeline: Tudor Line

Frederik 1
Portrait of Frederick I of Denmark and Norway

King of Denmark and Norway
20 January 1523 - 3 August 1535

Predecessor Christian II
Successor Christian III
Born 7 October 1471
Died 3 August 1535
Gottorp Castle, Denmark
Queens Anne of Brandenburg

Sophie of Pomerania

 Frederick I of Denmark was born on 7 October 1471 to Christian I of Denmark and Dorothea of Brandenburg, his sister Margaret married James III of Scotland and was a grandmother of James V of Scotland, his brother John became the king of Denmark, Norway and Sweden and when he had his own son Christian and he another John, it looked like Frederick would never rule. But first Christian was deposed in Sweden by and replaced by Gustav I and then the clergy got angry of Christian's protestant views and he was deposed and replace. Frederick took up the crown, but the peasants were still loyal to Christian, it took 2 years before all the cities accepted him. In 1532 exiled Christian tried to return to his throne with an army from the Netherlands, instead Christian was captured and Frederick put him in prison. His relation with the Lutherans was not the worst, he promised his clergy that he will protect Denmark and Norway from then, but he allowed it in his land and in fact his first born son Christian III and his daughter Dorothea (who married a lutheran Albert of Prussia) were Lutherans, this didn't go on well with his second son John. His last two sons were Adolf (who died young) and Dietrich. The clergy tried to extend his life, but instead the cure might have shortened it and their tries to prevent Christian III from taking the crown were useless, his wife Sophie of Pomerania survived him by 33 years.


He married Anne of Brandenburg in 1502 and had two children:

He then remarried in 1518 to Sophie of Pomerania and had another three children:

  • Duke John of Holstein (1524 - 1581)
  • Prince Adolf of Denmark (1526 - 1526)
  • Prince Dietrich of Denmark (1532 - 1556)