After all the wars for Germany unification on Prussian leadership, the first Emperor was tired. He died of Pneumonia on August 14 of 1880, nine years after the proclamation of the Empire at Versailles, after the French-Prussian War.

Emperor Frederick I & III of Germany and king of Prussia is crowned at Bellevue Palais by Bismarck. But soon Frederick dismisses him because of his ultra-conservative views. He became the first German emperor and king of Prussia to swear fidelity to the Imperial Diet, and obligates the new Chancellor, Ulrich von Lehmmanberg, to swear fidelity to the Imperial Diet, too and Germany turns into a real constitutional monarchy.

Emperor Frederick and Empress Victoria made alliances with England, Russia and with Prussia's old archenemy: France. They refuse an alliance with Austria because of Austria's politics in the Balkans.

Unfortunately, Frederick died in 1888, just eight years after his ascension of throat cancer. His son, Wilhelm, gave up as many of his external policies, as he could, because the Imperial Diet maintains some connections with England, but doesn't have strong ties with France any longer.

But Frederick's modifications are irreversible, and he is now remembered as one of the best German Emperors of all time, and his grandson, Emperor Wilhelm III, said: "He was one of these few men in the world, one of these few politicians in the world, who really wanted the best for his country, just this".

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