François of the Berry dynasty, also known as "the Regent" in France and as king and emperor Franz I in the Holy Roman Empire, was born in 1479 as the son of king Charles VI and his wife. He was the younger brother of king Charles VII. When his brother died in 1510, he became regent for his nephew, French king Charles VIII.

1511, he was elected Roman king. He had to find out soon that the title is far from meaning much power. To counter this, he founded the "Alliance des Alpes / Alpenbund" with Venice, Bavaria and Württemberg-Carinthia, which was mainly directed against the Rum-Seljuks. He also was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 1514, by the pope in Avignon (first to do so).

He died in 1535. His only grandson would become king François II of France.

Predecessor: Franz I Berry (Chaos) Successor:
Karl V Franz I

Roman king of the HRE

Karl VI

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