A world where Franz Ferdinand Never Got Shot

June 28 1914.

Garvilo Princip and the other two Bosnian Terrorists get caught trying to kill Franz Ferdinand. They get arrested For 89 Years.

July 5 1914

Serbia Acts by Executing all of the members of the black hand.

July 6 1914

Austria-Hungary Says The for complete Apology, they should Cede Cer and Kolubara. Serbia Disagrees.

July 28 1914

Austria-Hungary Severely Bombards Belgrade. WW1 starts.

August 3 1914.

Bulgaria Invades Macedonia. Russia Joins Serbia And annexes Galicia And Cracow.

August 5th 1914

Germany Attacks Russia.

August 17th 1914

France Joins with Serbia And Russia.

August 27 1914

Denmark Helps Serbia And Russia And France.

September 4th 1914

Sweden And Italy Join The Cen.Powers.

September 15th 1914

Italy Invades France, Sweden Invades Denmark And Russia.

Germany, Belgium, Britain Sign a Non-aggression Pact.

September 28th 1914

Ottoman Empire And Greece Join Allies.While Iran And China Join Cen.Powers.

October 1st 1914.

Macedonia Is Almost Conquered, Bosnian Revolution Starts,This Gives Serbia Military Access In the North.

October 4th 1914.

Bosnian Revolution Is crushed. Serbia Loses Land In the north and south.

October 15th 1914

Franz Ferdinand LIVES! map1

After The end of 1st European war (July 28 1914-October 15 1914)

Allies Surrender. Iran And China Don't Gain any land.

January 15th 1915

Russia Invades China and Japan. Japan Invades Sakhlin And Helps China Invade North Manchuria.

February 17th 1915

Japan Takes Half of Russian Sakhlin And China Has North Manchuria.

March 1 1915

Russia Surrenders.

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