The Frankreich Korps is not technically a Korps (corps) in fact an Army Group

Campaign background

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List of Units

  • I Sturmkreiger (Battalion Strength)
  • II Sturmkreiger (Battalion Strength)
  • III Sturmkreiger (Battalion Strength)
  • I Sturmpanzer (Regimental Strength)
  • II Sturm panzer (Regimental Strength)
  • I Infanterie Army
  • II Infanterie Army
  • III Infanterie Army
  • IV Infanterie Army
  • I Panzer Korps
  • III Panzer Korps
  • IV Panzer Korps
  • VII Panzer Korps
  • VIII Panzer Korps
  • IX Panzer Korps
  • XX Panzer (Generalfeldmarschall Gerd von Rundstedt "bodyguard")

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