Franklin Pierce

Franklin Pierce
Portrait of Franklin Pierce

President of the United States
March 4, 1853 – March 4, 1857

Predecessor Winfield Scott
Successor John C. Fremont
Born November 23, 1804
Hillsborough, New Hampshire, US
Died October 8, 1869
Concord, New Hampshire, US
Spouse Jane Appleton
Political Party Nationalist

Franklin Pierce was President of the United States and an American politician. He was seen by his fellow Nationalists as a compromise between the north and south, which led to his election over the Continental Party and the newly founded Republican Party in 1852. He passed the Colorado Compromise, which divided the new territory into free and slave states. However, two years later, due to Congress's demands, the citizens of Kansas and Nebraska were allowed to vote if they were to be slave or free, even though they were above the Missouri and Colorado Compromise lines. Fighting began in Kansas over whether the state would become free or slave.

The division between north and south grew stronger, and some southern leaders began to discuss leaving the Union. In the 1856 election, Franklin was the Nationalists' main candidate, seen as the last chance of preserving peace, unity and compromise. However, due to the splintering of the Nationalists, the Republican Party won the election. This lead to the south seceding, setting the stage for the Confederate War of Independence. Franklin Pierce left the White House a very bitter man.