Rather than seek a third term President Roosevelt endorses his Vice President John Garner and Henry Wallace as the Democratic ticket.

President Roosevelt refuses to seek a third term. The Democratic national Convention decides to endorse Roosevlet's Vice President John Garner. Garner was a conservative and appealed to the South. Roosevelt hesitant as their relationship soured after 1936, Roosevelt knew Garner would reverse his New Deal policies Roosevelt rather than divide the party he endorses the Garner on the condition Henry Wallace is his running mate. Wallce's liberla ideals and being native to Iwoa was meant to balance the ticket. Critics however claimed Roosevelt was installing Wallace maintain his New Deal policies as well as Wallace's new age spiritual beliefs. But Roosevelt stressed Party unity if the democrats were to keep the Whote House.

For the Republicans the party was divided bwtween Robert Taft of the Conservative wing and New York District Attorney Thomas Dewey of the liberal wing. The divide proved led to the emergence of Wendell Willke a dark horse candidate.

Election Day came and Garner won the Solid South, Iowa, and several key Northern states.

Garner's presidency would be cut short as his life would be taken by Tecumseh's curse making Wallace the 34 President of the United States. Wallace would over see the rest of WWII.

Election of 1944 President Wallace would have difficulty seeking renomination to hopefully keep the party united Wallace made Missouri senator and moderate Harry Truman his Running mate. The election was a close one between Wallace/Truman and Dewey/Bricker.

Changes in the the timeline

The 22nd Amendment is never created.

World War II would be only longer by one year.

Wallace would be hesitant to drop the bomb on Japan and only at the behest of Truman would the bomb be dropped on one city only.

America would create relief for the war torn Europe.

The Cold War would still continue.

Truman would be president for one term from 48-52

Things that remain

the presidents after Wallace would continue Truman to Obama.

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