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Franklin John Coleman
Timeline: Atlantic Islands

Portrait of

21st Governor-General of Cabecia
May 1876 – August 1876

Predecessor William Smit
Successor Issac Janssen
Born April 26th, 1837
AzoresDominionFlag King Port, British Azores
Died June 7th, 1904 (aged 67)
AzoresDominionFlag Cabecia City, Cabecia
Spouse Alexis Bryant
Political Party Pro-British Party
Profession Governor-General

Franklin John Coleman (April 26, 1837 – June 7, 1904) was a Cabecian-born British politician and the creator and leader of the controversial Pro-British Party of Cabecia, known widely for his leadership in the Cabecian Civil War. Because of his various racist quotes written in his memoirs, he is widely considered the most controversial leader of Cabecia.


Early life

Coleman was born on April 26, 1837 at King Port, Cabecia. He was born to British-born Agatha, a writer, and Robert Coleman, a soldier in the Cabecian army. It is recorded their ancestors were one of the first inhabitants of the island since the time of colonialism. Coleman had grown up as an only child after his parents had suffered from their child's stillbirth three years prior.

Coleman had been recorded to be a "good student, avid reader and active athlete" by his mother. Coleman had claimed to want to be a writer like his mother. His father, however, wanted him to be a soldier in the army as well.

Work in government

Civil War years

Aftermath and later years

Death and legacy


  • "This is British land, the Dutch, the Portuguese, the Jews are from other soil, and it's unfortunate that we have to let them into this great nation."