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The Frankish Kingdom (French: Royaume Franc), commonly referred to as Francia, was a medieval kingdom founded in 481 by Clovis I, first King of the Franks. From that time, it grew rapidly due to almost nonstop campaigns by great generals who expanded the kingdom into central and southern Europe. The kingdom had its peak during the 720s, before the Islamic invasion and conquest of much of Gaul throughout the rest of the first millennium. The kingdom was nearly conquered by the Emirate of Al-Andalus in the late 700s, and the Carolingian Empire was established in Austrasia in 800 by Charlemagne in hopes of fulfilling the notion of Reconquête. After its Muslim conquest, the area rapidly fell to Islam, and by 1000 35% of the population had converted. Following the fall of the Carolingian Empire, the kingdom was re-established in Germany as the East Frankish Kingdom, which would become the German Empire.

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