Regnum Francorum (Kingdom of the Franks)
OTL equivalent: France,Germany,Austria, Switzerland, and southeastern england.
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Regnum Francorum
The Kingdom of the Franks by 800 AD after the Invasion of the Anglosaxon states
(and largest city)
Paris (730-802) Aquisgranum (802-1009)
Latin,Frankish, Gothic, Gallo-Romance,German Languages
  others Germanic Languages(Saxon,Frisian),Sermo Vulgaris
Religion Roman Catholic,Frankish Catholic
Demonym Franks, Francia, France
Government Absolute Monarchy
Rex Francorum, Imperator Romaniae
Established 730's
Currency Frankish Denarii

It was the  biggest Nation in western Europe for most of its history as it encompassed most of Gaul and Germany as of the Conquest of Charlemagne and the British possessions of Britannia Francica in southwestern England. Its centered around the Capital of Paris and during charlemagne's era in Aquisgranum


It was founded between 780 - 790 after Charlemagne expansionist wars successfully brought the pax franciae , the frankish empire is divided in five kingdoms and three duchies ethnically different from each other
Provincia Francorum

Frankish Kingdoms


  1. Regnum Francorum Parisiensis (Blue)
  2. Regnum Francorum Tolosae (Yellow)
  3. Regnum Burgundiae Massiliensis (Purple)
  4. Regnum Germaniae Mogontiensis (Green)
  5. Regnum Britanniae Londiniensis (Fuchsia)


  1. Duchy of Saxony(Orange)
  2. Duchy of Belgica / Frankia(Magenta)
  3. Duchy of Germania (Red)

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