The life of Frank Montagu, fictional psychopath and son of the John Montagu, Marquess of Monthermer, and son of the 1st Duke of Montagu. In real life John Montagu never had a child and never inherited the of Duke.


The real line of the Duke of Montagu:

The grandfather of the fictional Frank, George Montagu, inherited the title of Duke of Montagu when his father-in-law John Montagu, 2nd Duke of Montagu, died without a male heir. George was born as George Brudenell, the 4th Earl of Cardigan. John Montagu, father of the fictional Frank Montagu, was the only son of George. He was born John Brudenell, due to the fact that the Duke of Montagu was still alive and the Brudenell family had not yet inherited the title of Duke. The Brudenell family inherited the name of Montagu when George Brudenell was created Duke of Montagu.


Frank Montagu was born in Deene Park, a manor of the Brudenell family located northeast of Corby, England. Corby is in the 'English East Midlands' and is in Northhamptonshire County. As a noblemen his family was wealthy, thus Frank was schooled as a child. Frank was known an exceptionally bright student. He had an affinity for quickly grasping new concepts and was able to change those ideas to better suit the current situation. He hated mathematics, although he understood the importance of the application of the subject. He like languages and hoped to travel to other countries when he grew, subsequently he learned Latin, German, and French beside English while growing up.

Unbeknownst to the rest of his family, or anyone else for that matter, he became a psychopath. Due of the nature his condition he seemd to be a normal child, albeit abnormally smart. He understood his condition and came to be an adept manipulator. The thing he desired most was power. He could stand the absence of power, but only if he knew it would eventually lead to him ending up in a position of power. Being a bright student, he realized that knowledge was the key to power, knowledge was not power. He dedicated his childhood to learning. Outwardly he appeared to be a great student with an appetite for knowledge, his sometime resentment at his absence of power could be simply explained as overconfidence or a large ego.

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