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Priesthood of Franconia
Vassal of the King on the Mountain
Timeline: Days After Chaos
OTL equivalent: Franconia, New Hampshire
Official languages English
Religion Granite Paganism
Government Theocratic Elective Monarchy
 -  Head Priest

The Priesthood of Franconia is a Granite Pagan diocese and vassal of the King on the Mountain located in central New Hampshire. The Priesthood of Franconia, despite being one of the smallest territories in the region, is one of the most powerful and influential, consisting of the Great Temple on the Mountain and the Great Stone Face; Granite Paganism's two most important landmarks and sites of pilgrimage.

The Priesthood of Franconia is centered around the city of Franconia, located on the base of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the site of the Kingdom on the Mountain's founding by the legendary Bhirnard Dynasty during the later half of the chaos of the early twentieth century. Franconia would be the capital and political center of the kingdom for several decades until the eventual collapse of the dynasty.