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Estado Español
Spanish State
Timeline: Great Nuclear War
Preceded by 1936-1975 Succeeded by
Flag of Spain (1931 - 1939)Spanish Republic Flag of Spain (1977 - 1981)Spain
Flag of Spain (1945 - 1977) Coat of Arms of Spain (1945-1977)
Flag of Spain Coat of Arms of Spain
Spain Map GNW 1966
Location of the Spainish State (In red)

Una, Grande y Libre "One, Great and Free"` (Spanish)Motto
Una, Grande y Libre (Spanish)
(""One, Great and Free"")

Anthem: "Marcha Granadera

Grenadier March"

Capital: Sevilla
Language: Spanish
Type of government: Francoist one-party state

(Head of State):

Francisco Franco
Area: 255.984 km²
Currency: Spanish peseta
Francoist Spain, also known as Nationalist Spain, and officially referred to as the Spanish State or Kingdom of Spain, was a nation in Iberia, lead by Francisco Franco from 1939 to 1978, when Franco died. Whilst hit heavily in the War, the State managed to survive.


Great Nuclear War

Iberia as a whole was hit hard by the Great Nuclear War. Indeed, the capitial of Madrid was hit, but government officials, including Franco, were evacuated to Sevilla, in the South. Here an emergency government was formed.

Annexation of Gibraltar

See also: Battle of Gibraltar

As it became obvious that the Spanish State was not yet in a position to retake its former lands, a plan was formulated to invade Gibraltar. Formally a British Crown Colony, the Great Nuclear War meant that it lost communications with the United Kingdom. Virtually undefended, on the 15th June 1968 Spain invaded Gibraltar. Whilst originally putting up fierce resistance, by the 20th, the defending troops and hundreds of Gibraltans boarded boats and evacuated, the largest number coming to Malta.

Death of Franco and Re-unification

On the 20th November 1975 Franco died. Whilst Prime Minister Carlos Arias Navarro attempted to take control of the nation, the State was in disarray. On 4th May 1976, troops from the Kingdom of Spain moved into the Spanish State, seizing control. Disunited and squabling, there was little effective resistance, many areas indeed welcoming the troops and transitions to democracy. On the 5th October 1976 Spain was reunited, and the Northern Spanish King Infante Carlos was proclaimed King of Spain.

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