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Kingdom of Spain
Reino de España
Flag Coat of Arms of Spain (1977-1981).svg
Motto"Una, Grande y Libre" (Spanish)
"Proudly Alone"
AnthemMarcha Granadera

Official languages Spanish
Demonym Spanish
Government Monarchy, Fascist single-party totalitarian dictatorship
 -  Caudillo Carmen Franco
 -  King Felipe VI
 -  Prime Minister Manuel Canduela Serrano
Legislature Cortes Españolas
 -  Hispania Tarraconensis 27 BC 
 -  Royal Banner of the Kingdom of Castile Kingdom of Castile 1065 
 -  Bandera de la Corona de Castilla Crown of Castile 23 September 1230 
 -  Flag of Cross of Burgundy Habsburg Spain 23 January 1516 
 -  Bourbon Spain Flag Bourbon Spain 1 November 1700 
 -  Bandera de España 1808-1813 Napoleonic Spain 6 May 1808 
 -  Flag of Spain (1785-1873 and 1875-1931) Kingdom of Spain 21 June 1813 
 -  Flag of the First Spanish Republic First Spanish Republic 12 July 1873 
 -  Flag of Spain (1785-1873 and 1875-1931) Restoration (Spain) 29 December 1874 
Currency Peseta (Pta)
Time zone WET
 -  Summer (DST) WEST (UTC+1)
Drives on the right
Internet TLD .es
Calling code +34

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