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Estado Español
Spanish State
Flag of Spain (1931 - 1939).svg
1936–1975 Flag of Spain.svg
Flag of Spain (1945 - 1977).svg Coat of Arms of Spain (1945-1977).svg
Flag Coat of arms
"Una, Grande y Libre"
"One, Great and Free"
Marcha Granadera
CV Spain (1945-1991).png
Capital Burgos (1936–1939)
Madrid (1939–1977)
Official language Spanish
Religion Roman Catholicism
Government Nationalist single-party authoritarian dictatorship and (from 1947) absolute monarchy under a regency
 - 1936–1975 Francisco Franco
Prime Minister
 - 1936 Miguel Cabanellas (first)
 - 1938–1973 Francisco Franco
 - 1973–1975 Carlos Arias Navarro (last)
Legislature Cortes Españolas
Historical era Interwar period, World War II, Cold War
 - Spanish Civil War 1936–1939
 - Established 1 October 1936
 - Law of Succession 1947
 - Death of Franco 20 November 1975
Currency Spanish peseta
Today part of Flag of Spain Spain

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