Francois Adrien Mitterrand (26 October 1916 - 8 January 1996) was the State Minister of the French Empire from February 3, 1984 until January 2, 1990, serving nearly full six years in the position. Before his Ministry, he was a Deputy of the General Assembly from 1959 until 1984, serving twice as President of the General Assembly; the first stint from 1970-72, and the second from 1980 until his appointment as State Minister. He was the first, and until the electoral victories of Francois Hollande in 2011, only President of the General Assembly from the left to win a national election. His appointment as State Minister was viewed in France as a move by Albert II to embrace the left; however, once in power, he governed as a relative moderate and generally followed the suggestions and orders of the Emperor, who entrusted him with enacting several early culture libre reforms. In retirement, he became a public speaker, and Mitterrand died suddenly in January of 1996 of prostate cancer.

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