The Franco Prussian War
Date 1871-1875
Location France,The United States,Baden,Bavaria,Prussia
Result French and United States victory

Dissolution of The North German confederation Formation of the Kingdom of Germany Start of the German civil war French annexation of the Rhineland

The United States

The French empire

The North German Confederation
Units involved
The Chicago national guard

Third U.S army Fifth French army

3rd Prussian fusiliers

2nd Württemberg infantry 1st Baden rifles 8th Bavarian artillery

1335,000 1.200.000
Casualties and losses

50,000 dead 100,000 wounded

128,208 dead

88,488 wounded 126,696 total

The Prelude to war

In the aftermath of the Austro-Prussian war thev Prussia had annexed numerous territories and formed the North German Confederation thus destabilizing european balance of power established in 1815 Napleon lll ordered The North German Confederation relinquish all the annexed territories they refused France fearing the germans are becoming to powerful mobilized their armed forces to crush the German confederation 

The Battle of Wissembourg(1870)

In 1870 a French army under General Abel Douay crossed the German border and advanced on the small German garrison at Wissembourg the Germans surprised and outnumbered fought stubbornly but eventually surrendered to the French but one soldier managed to escape and informed the German high command of the French invasion the invasion and the defeat surprised the German high command

The North American Invasion


The Battle of Wissembourg

The French American revolution was covered up by the french republic to avoid looking weak this led to European governments thinking north america is still owned by France so on august 6 the north German army invaded the united states causing them to declare war on the north German confederation the German swiftly took Ontario and Quebec leaving the Quebec national guard in disarray the next day the American army launched a counter offensive and took back Ontario and Quebec after 10 weeks of bloody fighting

The Battle of Chicago

On August 12 1871 a German army under Manfred Von Richthofen laid siege on the city of Chicago which was celebrating the creation of a monument dedicated to the American revolution  the mayor called the city's national guard to arms the Germans sent their infantry to capture the city but the national gave fierce resistance and pushed them back three times Richthofen decided to take a huge risk and sent all his remaining army to overrun the national guard but his army got destroyed and was forced to surrender it's been said that before he was taken to prison he wanted to congratulate the national guard who he believed were regular american troops but to his shock found out they're militiamen he then shouted how could my professional army lose to civilians with guns! After the battle fires that were caused by german artillery burned out control so the entire city evacuated and half the burned down before rain extinguished the fire.


Fires in Chicago started by German artillery


In Mid 1875 The French and American armies made numorus victories against the germans moral in the german army was low food was also low and many german states were captured the german high command sued for peace which resulted in the treaty of munich in which The North German Confedration had to pay reparations to France,The United States  the defeat destroyed the north german confederation and led to the formation of the Kingdom of Germany 


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