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Franco-English Empire

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The Franco-English Empire
Franco-British Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Franco-English Empire
Location of All the territories (dark green) and spheres of influences (light green) ever held by the Franco-English Empire
(and largest city)
Paris and London
Language English, French
Prime Minister:
Area 46.9 million sq km km²
Population Franco-Britain approx: 800,000,000 
Established Acts of Union: 1476

Franco-English Empire: 1578

Acts of Union: 1578

Acts of Union: 1800

Currency FE Ralame

Let's suppose, there was a third party in the French-English, hundred years war. An anti-monarchist force, to be exact, focused on overthrowing the monarchy in France and the monarchy in England. After winning the war, the anti-monarchists unite England and France to form the most massive empire the world has ever seen. This of course, is improbable, but let's just assume for a second.

Republic Age

Monarchist Restoration Age

Imperial Age

Fascist Age

Pre-Modern Age

Modern Age


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