Franco-British Union
Timeline: Franco-British Union
OTL equivalent: United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong, Malta, Aden, British and French Overseas Territories
Franco-British Union
|125px|border|alt=|Flag of Franco-British Union]]
Flag of the Franco-British Union
CapitalLondon and Paris
Largest city London
Other cities Hong Kong, Birmingham
Official languages English and French
Regional Languages Welsh, Cornish, Irish, Gaelic, Breton
Demonym Franco-British
Membership United Nations
Commonwealth of Nations
Baghdad Pact
European Defence Organization
 -  British Monarch Elizabeth II
 -  French President Francois Fillon
 -  Franco-British Premier Emmanuel Macron
Legislature Imperial Parliament
Currency Union Pound (£)
Time zone GMT (UTC) (UTCUTC+1)
Drives on the Left, Right

The Franco-British Union is a union that was formed between the United Kingdom, France and several of their former colonies in 1956. While not considered a nation, the union manages Defence, Foreign Policy, Immigration and some other policies in the Imperial Parliament. While each individual nation still has their own parliament to judge on other matters. The union has two heads of state which is always the Monarch of the United Kingdom (currently Elizabeth II) and the French President (currently Francois Fillon).

Constituent States

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