Franco-American War
Quasi-War Battle





North America, Western Europe


Anglo-American victory
Secession of Louisiana Territory to the United States
French Claims in India split between Dutch Republic & Great Britain
Dutch Republic receives French Guyana


US flag 15 stars United States
Flag of the NetherlandsDutch Republic
Flag of the United Kingdom Great Britain

Flag of France French Republic
Flag of Spain Spain
Flag of Cross of Burgundy Louisiana


US flag 15 stars John Adams
US flag 15 stars George Washington
US flag 15 stars Alexander Hamilton
US flag 15 stars Benjamin Stoddert
Flag of the United Kingdom Fredrick Watkins
Flag of the NetherlandsJohan Lausser

Flag of France Paul Barras
Flag of France Napoleon Bonaparte
Flag of FranceVictor Hugues
Flag of France Andre Rigaud
Flag of France Edme Desfourneax


54,300 (American Soldiers)
54 (United States Ships) 320,000 (British Soldiers)
86 (British Ships)
24,300 (Dutch Soldiers) 27 (Dutch Ships Ships)

270,000 (French Soldiers)
63 (French Ships)
105,000 (Spanish Soldiers)
47 (Spanish Ships)
5,700 (Louisianan Militia)

Casualties and Losses

2,712 (American Soldiers)
4 (American Ships)
12,800 (British Soldiers)
7 (British Ships
) 972 (Dutch Soldiers)
2 (Dutch Ships)

16,200 (French Soldiers)
10 (French Ships)
6,300 (Spanish Soldiers)
8 (Spanish Ships)
342 (Louisianan Militia)

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