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The Franco-American War timeline explores a world in which the "war" between the United States and France turns into a full-on conflict, bringing the United States into the Napoleonic Wars; shattering the alliance between the United States and French.

This war would make the Democratic-Republicans much less popular, leading to a string of continued Federalist victories in the United States elections, with John Adams winning a second term, and later Charles Pickney winning the presidency. The politics of the United States in general would be changed; the Democratic Party still exists like in OTL, however the Federalists still exist. The United States also wouldn't be a superpower, but would still be very powerful due to its strategic alliances with major powers in Europe like the United Kingdom and Germany. Along with this, the pre-World War I alliances would be radically changed. Most of the OTL Central Powers would go to Britain's side, with Austria-Hungary,Germany, and the Ottomans teaming up with them. After the end of the war, the French would acquire alliances with the Russians due to the growing tensions between them and Britain, and along with this most of the south Slavic nations.

The cliché Confederate victory does occur in this timeline as during the American Civil War they would gain the support of the French. The United Kingdom would of course still send troops in; however some of them would be diverted to fight in New Zealand, Japan, western Africa, and Bhutan. The high morale of the fledgling Confederacy would also help them in this war, looking back at other independence wars such as the Greek War of Independence and that of their northern neighbor. The war would end in 1864 with the Richmond Accords, giving the Confederacy full sovereignty. The nation would later abolish slavery in order to keep ties with its European allies strong, although extreme racism still prevails even to this day.

World War I would be drastically changed as well, specifically due to the changed alliances. The Allies would win easily, with France facing invasions from both the west and the east, similar to OTL Germany. The fragile Netherlands would also fall quickly, due to invasion from Germany and Hanover. Like in OTL, Russia would be torn apart by revolution; however in TTL the White Army wins instead of the Red Army due to the Whites getting aid from both sides of the war. This was mostly only because the Germans took the chance to implement numerous puppet governments in Russian land, such as Poland, Kuban, and Ukraine. There would never be a second World War as the Third Reich would never come to be; however a major conflict in Asia would start due to Japanese imperialism; the Pacific War.

The United States would still have ideals of imperialism, though their empire wouldn't be as far-reaching in OTL. Without the Louisiana Purchase, the colony would eventually fall to the United Kingdom and would eventually gain independence as the Kingdom of Louisiana. America would start an empire controlling much of the Atlantic; with it purchasing Bermuda from the United Kingdom, and later gaining Guiana, Martinique, and Guadeloupe from France. None of these territories would gain independence except for Guiana. The American "Empire" would also have significant influence over much of Central America; this closeness to the Atlantic would enable them to colonize Vanuatu, win the Galapagos from Ecuador, and after World War I, the empire would gain New Caledonia, Indonesia, and all of Polynesia, instead named New Provence.

After the end of World War I, the world would remain relatively peaceful except for the "cold war" between the two pre-war alliances. Although imperialism does still exist; as seen in much of Africa, revolts in the colonies, with help from foreign alliances, have helped numerous nations gain independence. These include but aren't limited to Korea, all of Indochina, India, and numerous colonies in Africa. The predominantly land-based Austria-Hungary would also collapse into Austria, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Carniola, Croatia, and Transylvania.

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