The Aftermath. Spain gains new territory.

 Franco's Conflict was a conflict in 1971.


March 14th, 1971. Spanish President Francisco Franco demands more territory for Spain. Spain announces the issue at a United Nations press conference. Spain states that they want the territory of Biarritz, France. All UN members are to vote on the matter. On March 25th, Francisco Franco publicly announces that he will declare war on France if the UN votes no on the territorial demand. British Prime Minister Edward Heath stated: "The last thing we need is another war. Give them what they want." UN Secretary-General Carl Rolf claimed that "It really revolves around what France thinks. Since it was their territory originally." France surprisingly voted to give Spain the territory. French President Georges Pompidou stated: "I agree with Great Britain. The last thing we need is another war."


Over half the UN members voted to give Spain the territory. The UN came to an agreement. UN Secretary-General Carl Rolf stated: "Franco, if this is truly your last territorial demand then we will grant you the area of Biarritz, France." Franco promised it would be his last territorial demand. On April 20th, Biarritz became a part of Spain.

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