Francisco Antonio Pinto
Timeline: French Trafalgar, British Waterloo

Portrait of Francisco Antonio Pinto

4th Bandera Presidente de Chile President of Chile
September 18, 1855 – July 18, 1858

Predecessor: Manuel Bulnes Prieto
Successor: Domingo Santa María
Vice president: Domingo Santa María
Born: July 23, 1785
Flag of Chile Santiago, Chile
Died: July 18, 1858
Flag of Chile Santiago, Chile
Spouse: Luisa Garmendia
Political Party: Liberal
Profession: Soldier, Politician

Francisco Antonio Pinto y Díaz de la Puente (July 23, 1785 - July 18, 1858) was a Chilean political figure and the first member of the Liberal Party in reach the post of President of Chile in 1855. He governed Chile until his death in 1858.



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