Francis Parker Yockey

Francis Parker Yokey. American far-right thinker and founder of the Western Brigade.

Francis Parker Yockey was an American far-right philosopher, living from 1917 to 1960. Yockey was unique in far-right thinking in that he advocated alliance with not the United States, but with the Soviet Union, feeling the Union would more likely be able to be converted to a totalitarian far-right state, and that far-rightists should aid in the spread of world Communism.

In 1958, Yockey founded the Western Brigade, a militia of far-right fighters from the United States and western Europe to aid the Soviet Union against what he saw as the Zionist conspiracy. The Brigade fought in the Cuban War, the Sino-Soviet War, the War for Guatemala, and the Fourth World War, earning accolades from Vyacheslav Molotov and Gennady Yanayev. After Yockey's death in 1960, leadership of the Brigade fell to Willis Carto, another thinker that shared Yockey's views.

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