Francis II de Anjou (Blooming Roses)
House House of Valois-Anjou (by birth)
Father Francis, Duke of Anjou
Mother Philippa Rose of England
Born 27 July 1576
Normandy, France
Died 20 February 1579 (aged 2)
Aquitaine, France
Burial Saint Denis Basilica
Religion Anglican

Francis. Duke of Berry (27 July 1576 - 19 or 20 February 1579) was the eldest child of Francis, Duke of Anjou and Philippa Rose of England.


Francis's birth was the result of increasing influence of Huguenots in Catholic France. His father, Francis, was next in line for the French throne as his brother Henry III of France and his wife Louise of Lorraine remained childless. When Francis joined the Huguenots, Edward VI quickly married him to his daughter Philippa Rose. The marriage was immediately consummated in hopes that a Protestant heir to the French throne would be conceived. Nine months into the marriage, Francis was born and his father gave him the title Duke of Berry as a courtesy title. He was born during the Wars of Religion and because of his mother's fears of being held captive, he was born in Aquitaine where the fighting was happening.