Francis III
Emperor of Newfoundland

Reign 1973-present
Coronation 1973
Predecessor Jason Michael I
Successor incumbent
Prime Ministers Joey Smallwood (1973-1981)

Kathy Dunderdale (2010-present)

Empress Consort Josephine
Full name
Francis Alan Robertson
House Robertson
Father Jason Michael I
Born June 11, 1950
Imperial Building, St. John's, Newfoundland
Religion Atheist
Francis III is the current emperor of Newfoundland, having been on the throne since 1973, in the advent of the death of his father Jason Michael I. In stark contrast to his father, Francis III has been known as a champion of democracy, and an admirer of late freedom fighter and Prime Minister Joey Smallwood. He strongly supported the independence referenda in the various Countships of the Empire, and the foundation of the Imperial.

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