Francia is a collection of villages in the far western reaches of the the western landmass.
Timeline: Unknown Landmass (Map Game)
Flag of France No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Merville
Largest city Merville
Language Francish
Religion Francish Paganism
Ethnic Group Francish
Demonym Francish
Government Tribal Union
  legislature Council of Chiefs

The Francs speak Francish (a language very similar to French).

Francs look very much like western Europeans with very pale skin and often blonde hair, blue eyes.

The Francs worship a solar deity, named Soleil, and a lunar deity, named Lune.

The Francish kingdom is divided in three major domains in the west of the continent of Aria in the river mouth of miséricorde and the Monts kunau in the Mer du fello(as they call it). The domains are Aequitnie, Merville and Latier the Cultura is Mainly around three life aspects the Religious, Economic and Military Ambits Mainly due to the Small Outside Contact, They Have great skills when it comes to sailing as they have a view to vast ocean,Though this is as well and issue for communication with other nations or cultures

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