Proto-Francia (476-600 A.D)

At the P.O.D, the Franks were in the process of absorbing northern Gaul. Their culture was somewhat Germanic, not like modern Francia's Latin-like culture. The Franks originally were just a rowdy conjugation of tribes in northern Gaul. Their true beginnings as a nation were set by Pepin "the Short", overlord of all Frankish lands. He began to invade Burgundy and Celtic Gaul but was almost immediately stopped by the rejuvenating Roman Empire, which had nearly obliterated all the Burgundiones. Instead of trying to kill each other off, like any other bloodthirsty empires, but decided to be the honourable people's they felt they would be, created a treaty to create a stable border in Gaul. The Visigothic Kingdom penetrated Aquitaine and alerted the Franks of their impeding border meeting, so the Franks got the better side, conquering Amorica (Britanny), instead of penetrating deeper into Germanic lands. In the reign of Charlemagne, the Franks adopted the name Francia, and started to replace old rustic words with romanized words, making their language easier to understand. Also in Charlemagnes rule, Francia swept all of northern Germania, and finally conquered the weak kingdom of Saxony. Finally in 600 A.D, Rome and Francia created the Trier Pact, the beginning of true Francia.

Cristo pro bello and Vikings (600-1000 A.D)

In the early 7th century, Francia was requested by Rome to help it regain the holy land from the Muslims. The King and his royal army sailed from Brest to Syracuse to prepare to attack the Muslims. Although they didn't know their enemy, they knew they were extremely religious, and were feared by the Romans. Their military decided to begin in Egypt, and move through the Sinai. Their invasion plan was successful and the Romans granted them full control of Egypt. After a long struggle and the death of two kings in the process, Roman and Francian forces raised the flag of the church on the remains of the old Temple of Solomon that was rebuilt over the next three years. The Jewish around the western world were extremely grateful and in gratitude of the church, and tried in all their power to create a memorial to their saviours. Francia took control of the Sinai, adding it to their Egyptian territory. Sadly their happy days were not coming yet. With the decline of the Muslim struggles in the East, back in the homeland, the Norse Vikings pillaged and destroyed the northern coast of Gaul. They settled there and created the Kingdom of Normandy. They warred against France for decades before deciding to conquer elsewhere. This led to the creation of Norman Britannia and the Norman Belaeres.

Medieval Period (1000-1500 A.D)

The beginning of the Medieval period of Francia was a rough one. The Kingdom suffered Serf rebellions and civil outbreaks in outer provinces. This led to the independence of Germania, Frisia and Bavaria. These other states recognized the Francian Kings as their overlord but had full independence from Francia. The provinces in Egypt began to have national identity, but still were loyal to the King. The rise of the Mongols had almost no effect on Francia as its German underlings became kinds of Buffer States for Francia. The Black Death almost wiped Francia off the map, killing 40% of the population over a period of 70 years, although increased births stopped a massive population fall. With the fall of the Roman Empire, and the rise of the 2nd Roman Republic, a new Trier Pact had to be conducted. This caused political unrest in Rome and in Francian border cities. But the finding of the Orestes Isle made the Francians have an inescapable want to explore their now dastardly unknown world.

Imperial Era (1500 A.D-1893 A.D)

The Francians set a voyage out to the newly found continent, Romae Occidentali, to found a colony. Their fleet was half wrecked in a storm and was turned north and found the Icelandic colony of Vinland. They set up deals with the Icelandic which hadn't seen a westerner in 200 years to set up a colony south of their territory. And they did. They set up the city of New Trier on the northern coast which became known as Nouvella Francia. Their territories expanded westward until it hit the Roman Riverina territories, which caused them to have to set up their colonies in the more northerly lands, inhabitated by the Intuit. Their relations with the Intuit was so great, they set up schools or the Intuit and actually had cities built for them too. The Francians also but their eyes on Africa, setting up colonies on the west coast and south of Egypt. Their new empire suddenly went into civil crisis when the tax and serfdom went out of hand.

The Republic of Francia (1895-Present)

Suddenly the King was disposed and fuedalism destroyed. Roman republic system was adopted and occupations started to increase. Engineering helped create rail lines from Trier to their Egyptian capital, Cairo. The Francians also mass produced a hefty amount of complex machines and basic tools. Their economy suddenly blasted miles ahead of all the other European nations other than Rome. But their prosperous expansion suddenly as stagnated by a continental war over the Germanic states. This was the beginning of a Francian explosion that will probably last forever. They started to mass produce advanced rifles and Gatling guns, and the occasional artillery or tank. Their forces left an imprint in German lands. Their new roads only built for troop transport, new rail tracks for transport, and even new cities for waypoints for the military. They burnt the Capitol building in Königsberg and placed the Francian on top of the Brandenburg Gate. The Francians accomplished the greatest military feat since classical Romes construction of Hadrians wall. They helped create the Roman space age. Built the Spaceport of Calais. Repelled the Mongol rejuvenated conquests. Burnt down the Golden Hordes Palace. Finally created the Republic of Egypt and the Frankish Union of Guinea. This is Francia.

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