Gallia Francia
— Senatorial Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Northern France, Belgium, and The Netherlands, Alsace-Lorraine
Francia II
Location of Gallia Francia
(and largest city)
Lutetia (Paris)
Latin (Lingua Latina)
  others Frankish (Lingua Franciae)
Religion Roman Hellenism
Ethnic groups
  others Belgii, Celts, Gauls
Government Provincial Republic
  legislature Governor and Senate of Francia
Established 1029 (276 AD)

A Short History of Francia

Francia was established from the combination of Lugdunensis and Belgica against the expanded Province of Aquitania. They were united in the pursuit of Liberty, a new idea which erupted in the Frankish Revolution. Francia's first Governor was Decius, son of Emperor Jacobus, that was the reason it was admitted as a Senatorial Province so early. Decius eventually became Emperor and Francia benefitted greatly from his patronage.

A List of Governors of Francia

Gaius Messius Decius 1029-1032 (276-279 AD) every Governor after Decius took his middle name Messius

Docilus Messius Crispian 1032-1056 (279-303 AD)

Elpidius Messius Crispian 1056-1069 (303-316 AD)

Elpidius Messius Crispian II 1069-1082 (316-329 AD)

Petronax Messius Orientus 1082-1105 (329-352 AD)

Tasius Messius Sevso 1105-1129 (352-376 AD)

Tacitus Messius Ulixes 1129-1153 (376-400 AD)

Sacerdus Messius Ulixes 1153-1170 (400-417 AD)

Restitutus Messius Sorio 1170-1184 (417-431 AD)

Tiburtius Messius Sorio 1184-1189 (431-436 AD)

Lucanus Messius Ulixes 1189-1212 (436-459 AD)


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