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As the more powerful North begins to bear down on the weaker South, the French, anxious to stop any chance of reunification, declare war on the Prussians, and invade. With the addition French power, the North swiftly starts to lose. Coalition troops reach all the way up to Hanover in just a few weeks, destroying Northern armies in their way. By the time Hanover falls, there are no intact Northern armies between the Coalition and Berlin itself. 

Desperate for allies, the Prussians turn to the Austrians, who eagerly enter the war, smashing into the South like a wrecking ball. With most of their troops in the North, the armies cannot stop the relentless wave of the Austrians, who punch through the Bavaria defenses like they aren't even there. With Munich about to fall, the Southern troops are forced to swiftly rush back, leaving the French troops alone and far from home. Surrounded and smashed by the Northern troops, the remaining forces are routed in a battle at Bielefeld, and chasing them out of Germany, smashing through their attempts to stop the Northerners at Cologne and Dusseldorf.

At the same time, the Southern efforts to halt the Austrians appear to be in vain. Both Nuremburg and Munich have fallen, with Augsburg practically undefended against the Austrians who are swiftly advancing.

With Northern troops set to invade France itself, and Bavaria and it's allies about to collapse, things look bleak for the Coalition.

But Britain and Russia look on with worry. Because if France and Bavaria fall... then who's next?

By: Guns

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