République Française
Timeline: Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power
Flag of France.svg Francecoatofarms1898-2.png
Coat of arms
Location of France (Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power).png
Location in Red
Official languages French
Regional Languages German, Dutch
Demonym French
Religion Buddhism
Government Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic
 -  President Valerie Trierweiler
 -  Frankish Kingdom
(unified by Clovis)
 -  Kingdom of France
(Treaty of Verdun)
 -  French Republic
(National Convention)
 -  Second French Republic 24 May 1950 
 -  Reunification 8 October 1985 
Currency Euro

France, also known as the French Third Republic (French: Troisième République) is a nation in Europe.


During the Napoleonic Era, France had went on a conquest and managed to capture a lot of German Kingdoms (including Bayern, Hannover), the lowland countries, and the remains of Spain. They also led a successful invasion of Britain in 1812. Soon, after Napoleon, France held on to its territory and also had Hannover and Bayern as puppets. Soon, they were on the Centre Powers and joined in the First World War to help Italy, but lost. Then, France again joined the Centre/Axis Powers in the Second World War, but lost too, and also lost their puppets Hannover and Bayern; and became occupied after war. Then in 1950, France was separated between South-West France (allied) and North-East France (Soviets). The Paris Wall had fallen in 1984 and France became unified in 1985 under democracy.