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France (Kennedy War: 1963)

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Empire of the Great Francia
Empire Grande Français
OTL equivalent: France, Belgium, Luxembourg and some part of Germany
French flag Carolingian CoA
Flag Coat of Arms
Francia (KW- 1963)
Location of Francia

"Honneur, Gloire et Justice, dans la terre de France" (French)

Capital Aachen
Largest city Antwerp
Other cities Bordeaux, Nice, Brussels and Lyon
  others German
Religion Roman Catholicism
Emperor of the Great Francia Charlemagne II (1970-1988)
Area 674 329 km²
Population 56 millions 
Established 1971
Currency French Denier

Francia is a nation that was founded 8 years after the nuclear war. Francia is a monarchy trying to restore the old kingdom of francia and it glorious days.

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