The French Republic (France) was a populated Western European Country, until the H5N1Z virus was transported across the English Channel from the United Kingdom. It was, along with the UK and Ireland the worst effected and its Government has broken down. It now holds a temporary Government in Exile in Spain although it is intending to move again back into French Territory. The French Republic intends to liberate Corsica from the infected, the Island offshore from the mainland in the Mediterranean. It will then rebuild its nation there and re-establish its place in the European Union and the United Nations to which it lost its Permanent Security Council seat.

The French diaspora is divided, while the transitional Government is currently running in Spain; many have flocked to Italy, which now blocks virtually all migration from France and Germany which has taken up a leadership mantle in Europe in the European Union and against the virus. A small degree have also fled towards Belgium, although it isn't considered as safe there. Belgium politicians have blamed France for spreading the infection to its country and its lack of support from the European Parliament since.

French overseas territory, such as French Guiana remains French Territory and has even received some mainland refugees. Although independence movements such as the Decolonization and Social Emancipation Movement (MDES) has seen a boost in support, there is little chance of any such territory breaking away from the Republic.

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