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French Republic
République française
Timeline: Great Empires
Flag of France Armoiries république française
Flag National emblem

Liberté, égalité, fraternité (French)
("Liberty, Equality, Fraternity")

Anthem "La Marseillaise"
Capital and largest city Paris
Other cities Marseilles, Lyons, Bordeaux
Language French
Religion Christianity (Catholicism)
Ethnic Group French
Demonym French
Government Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic
President Ségolène Royal
Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault
Area 600,000 km²
Population 65,136,180 
Established 486: Frankish kingdom

843: Kingdom of France 1792: French Republic

Independence 486 (Kingdom of France)
Currency Euro
Time Zone UTC+1
  summer UTC+2
Calling Code 33
Organizations United Nations
European Union
 France is a nation in Europe.

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