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French Empire
Empire Français
Timeline: Cthulhu Sleeps (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: France
Flag of France 508px-Coat of Arms Second French Empire (1852–1870).svg
Flag Coat of Arms

Liberté, egalité, fraternité (French)
("Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood")

Anthem "Departing for Syria"
Capital Paris
Largest city Paris
Other cities Marseille, Lyon, Tolouse, Orleans
  others Occitan
Roman Catholicism
  others Huguenots
Ethnic Group Franks
Demonym French
Government Constitutional Monarchy
  legislature Parliament
Emperor Napoleon III
  Royal house: Bonaparte
Established 1851
Currency Franc
 France, known formally as the Second French Empire, is a nation in Western Europe.



French Army

  • Grand Armée (1) - 250,000 troops
  • Corps (2) - 125,000 troops
  • Division (25) - 10,000 troops
  • Regiment (50) - 5,000 troops
  • Battalion (250) - 1,000 troops

At the Battalion level, the divisions are more varied. However, the basic unit of military operations is the platoon, of about 50 men, on average. Therefore, there are about 5,000 platoons in the French Grand Armée.

The French Army is highly trained, and in addition to the 250,000 active-duty troops, there are 150,000 men enrolled in their local militias, with an additional 200,000 men enrolled in the Garde Mobile.

French Navy

The French Navy is made up of 470 ships.


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